Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sheffield

Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sheffield


On Saturday October the 19th, Sheffield Self-Defence hosted their annual Valente Brother seminar taught by Gui Valente.

The seminar was a complete sell out with around 50 students attending. Students from as far as Holland travelled to train JuJutsu (Jiu Jitsu) with Professor Gui Valente as did many from our school and other schools from around the country.

Gui landed in Manchester on the 18th, soon after, many of the students attending the seminar gathered at a local restaurant to have dinner and socialise. The night was a success and lots of fun.

A early Saturday morning start at Sheffield Self-Defence, testing students that are ready to be promoted this year. After testing we headed over to Meadowhead school to start the seminar.  The seminar began at 11am and didn’t finish until 3pm. Four hours of training and sharing knowledge from the closest source to Grand Master Helio Gracie is a treat for anyone that is looking to learn self defence.

The first two hours were focused on striking and clinching, then looking for throwing options. The second part focused on the ground work, sweeps from the guard to be precise. Grand Master Helio Gracie used only five sweeps in his curriculum, they were the focus with many extra details added.

Overall, the seminar was a complete success. We would like to thank everyone that helped with the preparation of this years JuJutsu (Jiu Jitsu) seminar. If you would like to attend another Valente brothers Seminar, we will be attending the next seminar in Weesp, Amsterdam. Normally it takes place in January so follow us on facebook for information.

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