Sheffield Jiu-jitsu time table

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu Opening Times


Sheffield Jiu-jitsu time table



Dress Code:

Valente Brothers Fighting Fundations – Valente Brothers Kimono only

Advanced Curriculum – Valente Brothers Kimono only

Sparring – Valente Brothers Kimono only

Fight Night – Valente Brothers Rash guard (No Kimono/ Valente Brothers 16oz Gloves)

Sheffield Jiu-jitsu rules:

  • All Kimonos must be white, with Valente Brothers Logos.
  • Nails cut and filed.
  • Alway speak respectful to teachers, students and staff members.
  • Students with long hair need to tie their hair back.
  • Inform the instructor if you need to leave early.
  • No food in the school, only water and fresh juices to be consumed on the property.
  • No Smoking cigarettes on the property in or outside the unit.
  • Turn up 15 minutes before class.
  • Please bring crocs or flip flops to walk around the school when training (Kids and Adults training for hygiene).
  • Kimonos need to be clean with no rips.
  • No video recording, please ask before taking pictures.
  • Only staff members behind the front desk.
  • No footwear or socks on the mats.
  • No feet on the chairs or the sofa
  • If anyone is suspected to be under the influence of Alcohol or any other drug, they will be asked to leave and possibly banned.

Please respect the rules. We don’t promote unhealthy beverages and food that’s why we decided to stop food in the school, plus we don’t have a cleaner.

Flip flops or crocs are important due to people walking into the school with outdoor shoes, if we are bare footed and step on the mat, we bring the germs onto the mats and this increases the risk of Ringworm which is very common in martial arts schools that don’t have good hygiene.

Observers don’t need to change shoes.

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