Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu new headquarters in Dronfield

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu’s New Headquarters in Dronfield


On March 15th Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu officially opened the doors of their new headquarters in Dronfield. Our new facility is equipped with a larger mat space to accommodate our growing school, men’s and women’s changing rooms, a shower room and a private room for one on one lessons.



The Fighting Foundations is the first program that is introduced to our students. This program was created by the Valente Brothers derived from Helio Gracie’s private lesson format and converted into a 27 lesson structured group class format. Even as students advance they are encouraged to attend fighting foundations lessons.

The advanced program builds upon what students have learned from the fighting foundations program and introduces advanced techniques. The class is more intense than the fighting foundations featuring drills, realistic resistance training and advanced throwing techniques. The no kimono class adds variety in training by preparing for a fight with an opponent who may be wearing light clothing or no upper clothing. This is uncommon in colder climates but it is important to train nonetheless.

Sheffield Jiu jitsu  Sheffield Jiu-jitsu

Youth Program


We have classes for ages ranged 2 1/2 – 16 years old. Our classes teach students self defense and our students work together in respectful and mature environment. We pride ourselves on providing an environment where our younger students can come and train without fear of bullying or mockery from other students or the professor.


Jiu jitsu Sheffield  Jiu jitsu for Children Sheffield

Private Lessons


Private lessons are available for students who want one on one tuition with a instructor. These are available in flexible time slots for those who are unable to make the group classes or have disabilities.

Professional Athletes that have a interest in learning JuJutsu (Jiu Jitsu) worry about injuries. Private Lessons will minimise injuries due to training with a trained instructor.

Recently a professional drummer contacted us about classes but was concerned about injuring his hands and legs, we offered him a evaluation class and the rest is history. He has now taken over thirty classes and is committed to learning our style of JuJutsu (Jiu Jitsu).

Sheffield Jiu jitsu Private tuition Jiu jitsu



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