753 Code of Valente Brothers Rectitude

753 Code – Rectitude


Rectitude (The Spirit of the Warrior) is the first virtue meaning most important.

Rectitude meaning


To understand the meaning of rectitude, lets look up the word in the dictionary.

Morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness.

We can use rectitude and find many examples throughout our own lives. For example, we are faced with difficult choices but if we use rectitude, then the right choice will always be made. Politicians are in a strong position of power, it’s important that all Politicians use rectitude over self-interests.

Peer pressure can also effect ones judgement, when we need to do what is right. Often, we feel the pressure of following others to impress, when doing this, we will probably follow the wrong path.

Always think before acting, create a good moral code and rectitude will become a habit.

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