Our head instructor at Sheffield Jiu Jitsu, Christopher Charalambous is a Brown belt in Valente Brothers Jujutsu. This is the highest rank awarded under the Valente Brothers training to anyone in the United Kingdom. If there are any other schools in the UK or Europe who would like to learn our style, you can contact us to discuss pricing. We were fortunate enough to learn from some of the world’s best. We believe that by sharing these skills and philosophies, we can help people better understand the benefits of jiu jitsu. Christopher will organise a program which usually lasts between two to three hours long. Your school will learn, striking, grappling, throwing skills, self-defence & philosophy.

Learn Valente Brothers based jiu jitsu

Learn from Valente Brothers highest ranked student in the United Kingdom

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Our seminars last around 3 hours and will cover the five main elements of Jiu-jitsu:

• Striking • Grappling • 7-5-3 Code • Throwing techniques • Self-Defence

Sheffield Jiu Jitsu & Self-Defence can also come to your home in and around Sheffield. We have portable mats that can be brought to your home or place of work. Please note, there must be sufficient room for the mats, feel free to give us a call to discuss the dimensions required, but as a minimum 4 meters by 4 meters would suffice.

Seminars for other UK & European clubs looking to learn Valente Brothers Based style of jiu-jitsu are also available. Please contact us for more information. We are always willing to share our knowledge with open minded people who are willing to learn.