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pedro valente 753 code

Rectitude, under standing 753 Code in order   Rectitude (The Spirit of the Warrior). Rectitude is first and Loyalty is last.   Rectitude, its meaning   To understand the meaning of Rectitude, lets look up the word in the dictionary. Morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness. We can use Rectitude and find many examples throughout our own lives. … Continued

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Christopher Valente brothers

My Family Before Jiu-Jitsu   Where Should I start? Well, let’s start from the beginning before Christopher Charalambous Started his Jiu-jitsu Journey. Christopher was born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. At the age of around Mansfield Lexis 4 years old, Christopher’s family moved to Sheffield, England on a new business adventure. Christopher’s father & uncles, Costa … Continued

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jiu jitsu Christopher Charalambous

Sheffield’s Christopher highest ranked Valente Brothers Jiu-jitsu in the UK   In December 2017, Christopher Charalambous from Sheffield received the rank of brown belt under the Valente brothers Jujutsu (jiu-jitsu) system. Christopher Charalambous attended the winter belt ceremony over in Miami, Florida at Valente Brothers Headquarters. Also attending this ceremony were the likes of Royce Gracie, Angela Gracie, Crosley Gracie & Alistair Overeem.  Being a part of this wonderful school … Continued

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Sheffield Jiu jitsu

Sheffield Women’s  Jiu-jitsu Self Defence Program   Women self-defence video We at Sheffield Self-Defence, have a unique and realistic Women’s Self-defence program for all ages of women. Over one million women in the United Kingdom alone are victims of domestic violence each year, and these are the ones that have been reported, many more haven’t. Learning how to protect yourself when … Continued

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