Valente Brothers Gis United Kingdom

Valente Brothers Gi’s United Kingdom   Purchase Valente Brothers Kimonos and Rash Guards by contacting Sheffield Self-Defence:   Kimonos £70 – size 000 – 0 £80 – size 1 £100 – size 2 -3 £110 size 4 – 5 £120 size 7   Rash Guards £70   Shin Guards £65

Self Defence For Schools In Sheffield

Self Defence For Schools In Sheffield   On May 27th Christopher Charalambous and Sheffield Self-Defence staff had the honour of working with Students at Westbourne school, Sheffield. Christopher was contacted by Westbourne school after a student requested bringing in a self defence expert to help deal with possible dangerous situations that life presents to us all. … Continued

Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sheffield

Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sheffield   On Saturday October the 19th, Sheffield Self-Defence hosted their annual Valente Brother seminar taught by Gui Valente. The seminar was a complete sell out with around 50 students attending. Students from as far as Holland travelled to train JuJutsu (Jiu Jitsu) with Professor Gui Valente as did many … Continued

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu new headquarters in Dronfield

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu’s New Headquarters in Dronfield   On March 15th Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu officially opened the doors of their new headquarters in Dronfield. Our new facility is equipped with a larger mat space to accommodate our growing school, men’s and women’s changing rooms, a shower room and a private room for one on one lessons. Curriculums … Continued

Sheffield Jiu-jitsu time table

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu Opening Times   Sheffield Jiu-jitsu time table       Dress Code: Valente Brothers Fighting Fundations – Valente Brothers Kimono only Advanced Curriculum – Valente Brothers Kimono only Sparring – Valente Brothers Kimono only Fight Night – Valente Brothers Rash guard (No Kimono/ Valente Brothers 16oz Gloves) Sheffield Jiu-jitsu rules: All Kimonos must … Continued

Valente Brothers Seminar Sheffield United Kingdom

Valente Brothers Gui Valente at Ponds Forge, Sheffield   For the first time, Valente Brothers Gui Valente taught a three hour seminar in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Close to 50 students attended from the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. High ranked names present were Royce Gracie Professors Danny Macmillan and Jon Hegan, along with … Continued

Fighting Foundations curriculum

Fighting foundations, The beginning   As far back as I can remember, Valente Brothers called their beginners class Valente Brothers’ Fundamentals. This curriculum isn’t just for novices but for all practitioners, no matter the rank. When joining there school, Fundamentals is where novice students would begin, this is the reason people tend to think of … Continued

753 Code of Valente Brothers Rectitude

753 Code – Rectitude   Rectitude (The Spirit of the Warrior) is the first virtue meaning most important. Rectitude meaning   To understand the meaning of rectitude, lets look up the word in the dictionary. Morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness. We can use rectitude and find many examples throughout our own lives. For example, we are … Continued