753 Code of the Valente Brothers: Honesty

Honesty: Part of the 753 Code   Honesty is a tricky thing..  If you ask people “Are you honest?” I think most people would say “yes” but how do you know that they are telling the truth?  Simple answer is that you don’t, not with 100% certainty.   Something that I have found as I … Continued

753 Code of the Valente Brothers: Respect

Respect: Part of the 753 Code   When writing these articles about the 753 code I need a starting point.  I find that looking up the definition of the word helps me understand what I need to write about it also confirms that I have the right idea.  The definition in the dictionary is: respect … Continued

753 Code of the Valente Brothers: Benevolence

Benevolence: Part of the 753 Code   What does it mean to be benevolent?  According to the dictionary benevolence noun the quality of being well meaning; kindness. As I look around recently, being kind seems to becoming old fashioned.  Everyone is quick to blame and push their inconveniences onto other people.  “Its not my problem” … Continued

753 Code of the Valente Brothers: Courage

753 Code:  Courage   “Am I Courageous?” or “Am I Brave?” is a question everyone asks themselves at some point.  The world we live in now we are surrounded by superhero imagery.   Images of men and women doing fantastical heroic acts and saving the day.  Watching these films and TV shows, I project myself into the … Continued

Training at Valente Brothers in Miami

Training at Valente Brothers in Miami   So I have been training Valente Brothers Ju Jitsu at Sheffield Self Defence since 2017 and its the best thing that I have ever done. Jiu Jitsu has improved every aspect of my life, like physical health, mental well being, confidence and my social circle all stems from … Continued

Valente Brothers Gis United Kingdom

Valente Brothers Gi’s United Kingdom   Purchase Valente Brothers Kimonos and Rash Guards by contacting Sheffield Self-Defence: http://sheffieldjiujitsu.com/contact-us/   Kimonos £70 – size 000 – 0 £80 – size 1 £100 – size 2 -3 £110 size 4 – 5 £120 size 7   Rash Guards £70   Shin Guards £65

Self Defence For Schools In Sheffield

Self Defence For Schools In Sheffield   On May 27th Christopher Charalambous and Sheffield Self-Defence staff had the honour of working with Students at Westbourne school, Sheffield. Christopher was contacted by Westbourne school after a student requested bringing in a self defence expert to help deal with possible dangerous situations that life presents to us all. … Continued

Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sheffield

Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sheffield   On Saturday October the 19th, Sheffield Self-Defence hosted their annual Valente Brother seminar taught by Gui Valente. The seminar was a complete sell out with around 50 students attending. Students from as far as Holland travelled to train JuJutsu (Jiu Jitsu) with Professor Gui Valente as did many … Continued

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu new headquarters in Dronfield

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu’s New Headquarters in Dronfield   On March 15th Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu officially opened the doors of their new headquarters in Dronfield. Our new facility is equipped with a larger mat space to accommodate our growing school, men’s and women’s changing rooms, a shower room and a private room for one on one lessons. Curriculums … Continued

Sheffield Jiu-jitsu time table

Sheffield Jiu-Jitsu Opening Times   Sheffield Jiu-jitsu time table     Dress Code: Valente Brothers Fighting Fundations – Valente Brothers Kimono only Advanced Curriculum – Valente Brothers Kimono only Sparring – Valente Brothers Kimono only Fight Night – Valente Brothers Rash guard (No Kimono/ Valente Brothers 16oz Gloves) Sheffield Jiu-jitsu rules: All Kimonos must be … Continued