The Valente Brothers. From Grandfather, to father, to sons. 50 years of tradition

The past 50 years have allowed three generations of the Valente’s to learn Jiu Jitsu from Grand Master Hélio Gracie. Pedro Valente Sr initially started to learn judo from the age of nine. Pedro’s dad Syllo Valente, was a great admirer of Hélio Gracie. He took Pedro, aged 12 at the time, to watch the world title fight between Hélio and Kimura. This challenge took place at Maracana Stadium, Brazil. The stadium seats over 100,000 spectators. Despite the heavier Kimura winning, they were both very impressed with Hélio’s agile technique. As a result, they decided to enrol in the original Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In early 1953, both father and son attended the academy in downtown Rio and started their Jiu-Jitsu jiu jitsu journey.

The late Dr. Syllo Valente was a homeopathic doctor and naturalist. Like many Brazilians at the time, he was impressed with Grandmaster Hélio’s great feats and found in Jiu-Jitsu the ideal way to complement his life and educate his son, Pedro.

The word Valente means brave in Portuguese. During his youth, Pedro Sr. often found himself in situations where he had to prove the name he carried was no coincidence. The practice of Jiu-Jitsu not only provided him a powerful tool to deal with bullies. But also a source of self-confidence that eventually taught him alternatives methods to deal with physical confrontation. Over time Pedro Sr became one of the Gracie Academy’s top students. He eventually went on to participate in several high-profile challenges. One infamous encounter took place at the Maracanãzinho stadium with 20,000 spectators in attendance.

Whilst attending medical school in the early 60’s, Pedro Sr met one of Brazil’s most prominent plastic surgeons at the Gracie Academy. They became both training partners on the mat and developed a great friendship off it. This life long friendship contributed to the rapid success he achieved in later life as a surgeon. During the early 80’s, the New York Times recognised Pedro as one of the world’s, most revered top 5 plastic surgeons. Performing as an accomplished physician, Dr. Valente was afforded the opportunity on two separate occasions, the title of Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Health. Sports play an important part of his life, in particular, Equestrian Show Jumping and Football. He was the Vasco da Gama Vice President and Chief Doctor. Vasco are one of the leading teams in Brazil and won the copa liberato’s in 1998 (South American Champions League)

After fifty-five years of direct tutoridge under Grandmaster Hélio Gracie.  Dr. Pedro Valente Sr. holds the highest degree in the art as a Red Belt. He also holds the title of Grand Master.

The Valente Brothers were born into the Jiu-Jitsu way of life. Gui, Pedro and Joaquim began studying Jiu-Jitsu from their father as they learned to walk. At the tender age of two, Joaquim, Pedro and Gui were already learning from Grandmaster Hélio Gracie. Growing up, the Valente brothers trained daily at the original Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro under Hélio, Royler, and Rolker Gracie. During their training, they had the privilege to learn from all the Gracie Brothers: Robin, Relson, Rickson, Rolker, Royler, Royce, and Rorion. Today, The Valente Brothers run one of the most successful schools in the world. We have the privilege and the honour of now being a part of that family. I welcome you to join this age old tradition at Sheffield self defence. Discover how jiu jitsu can help to transform your life, like so many others before you.

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